View Full Version : Need Help! Servo brush broken!

06-14-2013, 01:49 PM
I was installing my servo motor into my Y axis and dropped it right on the plastic brush keeper. Does anyone know how I can fix this? It's a brand new brush, so I was thinking of soldering it in place. It is a hobby machine, so I doubt I'll wear out the brush.

Any suggestion would be very much appreciated.

Thank you!

06-14-2013, 02:28 PM
Call some motor shops, or helwig brushes. I bought a baggy for a couple bucks. Think even mcmaster Carr carries some.

06-14-2013, 03:08 PM
If you want a one-shot emergency repair, place the brush back in the holder, clamp the screw cap in place, then do a creative repair with Fibreglass body filler (Bondo).
This stuff has got me out of a hole on a few occasions.
If it does not work, you have not lost much.

06-14-2013, 04:54 PM
Thanks for the replies. The brush is unharmed and in perfect working order. The plastic thing that holds it in place is what broke. I'll call around and see if it is repairable. Thanks for the tips.

10-23-2013, 03:59 PM
c131fr.. Did you find a good solution to this? How did you fix it? I hava a similar problem on a small DC motor.