View Full Version : MACH3>MAXNC 10 CLB

03-09-2006, 09:08 AM
I am tring to get this new machine to work with MACH3. The motor will spin eradically from pin 1, but nothing else works. The system works fine on MAXNC CL software, but I gotta have Mach3. Seems the port config on its MAXNC software boot up port window shows something like 200-27F, but in Mach3 it always shows 37f in the config.

I assume there is a port issue when using MACH3 in XP. I have tried every combination of settings: on bios I have tried LPT1 standard, SPP, ECP, no change. I have tried enable legacty plug and play, allow interrupt, never allow interrupt.

It is set to MAXNC CL mode, which according to the MACH video says no pinouts need to be set, so I put them all at 0. I noticed that the spindle only turns if I have port 1 pin1 selected under "spindle", with DIR set to 0. The motor runs badly at slow speeds.

I would really apprecaite any help!