View Full Version : Newbie General question about grinding

05-27-2013, 12:59 PM

Hope this is the right forum. Please excuse me if it is not.

I am working on a project and lack sufficient tools to work with larger pieces of material. Typically i use mic6 plate as it's easy to machine and cut and it's flat enough for my needs. It's a bit expensive however.

I was looking at having a piece of steel ground flat with a surface grinder and have a few questions:

The nominal size of the material I am working with is 2" wide by 1" thick and 24" in length out of 1018 steel.

I would like the 2" surface ground along the 24" length.

1) I would like it to be flat within .001" across the 24" length
2) Is flatness the right term or is it really thickness? I.E 1" thick with a tolerence of +/- .001" ?

What factors are the major contributions to price?

Any idea of how much this might cost in Northern California? If it's like $500 then I don't want to waste anyone's time.

Figured it's a good question for others that are not familiar with this subject to ask and archive here.