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05-27-2013, 05:01 AM
Trying to get a text engraved around a 30mm steel cylinder.

3D Part looks ok,
Simulation is smooth
however... the machine starts with the Y-Axis seriously offset, basically trying to engrave FROM THE SIDE - as if the head would be able to rotate.
The machine has a solid Z column (no rotation head), Table with X & Y - and the 4th axis being a rotational "table" with a chuck. aligned with the X axis.
The machine requiers this to be the "W" Axis.

When the program runs, the 4th axis rotates - basically everything works just fine - it just messes up the engraving by trying to do so from the side !

Zeros on the machine set to the work center ...

the G-Code also reveals the issue by having the Y-Axis moved by a few mill to the side.
Basically the section to be milled should be "right on top" (Y-> around 0) ...
the W-axis (4th) rotates nicely...

btw: the machine can do 3axis simultaneous milling... at the moment it's set up to allow X, Y, W (4th) to be run together...
is this the problem? should it be X, W, Z? or ?

here's a photo:

here's the part with the tool-path in rcam:

and here's the g-code:

N0065G1Z17.885 F80
N0070W-31.61 X30.567 Y-11.006 F80
N0075Z12.519 F80
N0080W-31.61 Y-7.704 F80
N0085Z12.456 F280
N0090W-32.08 X30.254 Y-7.807 F280
N0095Z12.337 F280
N0100W-32.94 X30.007 Y-7.993 F280
N0105Z12.176 F280
N0110W-34.08 X29.856 Y-8.237 F280
N0115Z11.991 F280
N0120W-35.34 X29.804 Y-8.504 F280


06-03-2013, 03:04 AM
Why has this been closed??

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Why has this been closed??

It's not closed for me.