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03-02-2006, 05:24 PM
Hi all,

the new release 1.06 of the CeNeCe PRO is now available!
Manuals have also been updated.

Some new functions have been added in this release:
- New Text to DAT function
- STL format exports
- option to keep the kerf constant when changing the speed while cutting,...
- Full support for italian language
- ...

We have also added new pages on our web site, from the "Software/Cenece PRO" page:

- New PROJECTS and KITS page for the CeNeCe PRO
- What's New page
- Version's History


-New option to export DATS to STL format from the CreaDat screen.
-New option to export projects to STL format from the projects maintenance screen
-New tool to create DATS from TEXT, just type it, and cut it!
-New button to export DATS from the DATs maintenance screen
-New option to keep constant kerf during the cut, when speed is modified


-Added elapsed time and remaining time in the cutting screen during the cut.
-Added italian version for the online help
-Added full support for italian language
-Added automatic update of cutting speed and temperature when both screens, cutting and moving, are open.


-Corrected error in GMFC projects loading, when both sides had the same dat, side B height wasn't loaded properly.
-Corrected error when inserting dats whithout family.
-Corrected error in projects, when none of the project's dats didn't belong to the default family familia.
-Corrected problem reactivating mouse cursor in cutting screen
-Corrected error in shape rotation in the Creadat, sometimes when rotating, a point got missplaced.
-Corrected error, when copying a project, material's data wasn't transferred
-Corrected small problem when importing DXF files from the DAT's maintenance screen, not from the creadat

Don't forget to visit our forum at http://foro.cenece.com, although it is mainly in spanish you're all welcome!

We expect your comments!!

Best regards,
Javier López y Dani Sáez / Dani Sáez y Javier López

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