View Full Version : MIG MILLER Passport and DVI

03-02-2006, 11:56 AM
I'm searching for impt on these dual voltage machines from people that have used them extensively. Also wondering why the portable machine seems to be the better machine of the two?

Also is the DVI a true inveter base machiine? Seems to be a bit on the heavy side for its capability.

I've been looking at MIG welders over the past week and have focused a bit on inverter based machines due to a very limited service where I live at the moment. Miller seems to have the only examples of inverter based MIG machines in the lower price classes.

I've looked at the 175 series MIG machines from both Miller and Lincoln which are very nice but the Passport seems to have even more capability in a portable device. Portability being important to some extent, though not at my place, thus the intrest in the multi voltage machines from Miller

I've also been tempted to go the stick route but many have tried to convince me that isn't the best route to take. In any event there seems to be an even bigger jump in price iwth inverter based stick machines.

What do you all think?