View Full Version : Help for my idea - Proxxon rotary tool?

04-16-2013, 11:57 PM
I'm attempting to build a cnc machine which is not discussed much. I would prefer a lighter machine simply because the motors can be smaller and it will help keep costs down. Odds are I will end up learning on some cheaper stuff, which is fine, and then either give up or decide to purchase some bulkier stuff.

So, I've been eyeing the 8020 aluminum extrusion. Does anyone have any comments on this potential setup:

1. I have a 30x60in table that is quite stable and heavy, and I think it would make a decent place to install a cnc machine.
2. I'd use 30x30 (mm) and 30x60 pieces to construct a router that would fit on the table, so perhaps covering a span of 24in x 48in or so.
3. I'd keep the gantry weight down as much as possible.
4. Here is why I think it may work okay. The "stuff" I want to make includes mostly moderately detailed work, such as 24inx48in engraved signs.

I'm all over the place on spindles. I was thinking of just getting a blackNdecker RTX for $30 from amazon and start with that, but I keep eyeing the quieter proxxon rotary tools. Would those be decent for engraving? How about 1/8in plywood to make boxes and such? Would a proxxon cut through 1/4in acrylic with two or so passes? I don't mind speed so much as I'm not likely to do advanced stuff, but having a trim router going for four hours would probably get rather irritating. The proxxons, like the 38472 or the 38481 are actually more expensive than some of the trim routers.

Throwing out a lot of questions and a lot of unknowns. I guess I'm most curious about the spindle selection. I'm not looking to cut 2in thick aluminum or 3in hard wood. Again this is more for learning than anything. And perhaps I may set aside part of the table for a 3d printer extruder at some point (or may just end up with a purpose built machine).

Thanks for any guidance. I know proxxon's are used somewhat in the optical industry for drilling holes in rimless frames, but it is somewhat odd how little they are discussed online.