View Full Version : bad tank, good motor and compressor..what to do?

03-31-2013, 04:05 PM
got a 1998 craftsman air compressor for free

says 5hp, 7.1cfm at 90psi (how do they do that with 15A at 115V?)

tank has rust on the bottom in several spots so i took the motor and pump off and the tank is on free craigslist now as scrap metal (drilled holes in it so nobody will use it for air)

i wish i could have used this for a compressor, i need a compressor like this bad...

oh well, the motor and pump seem in good condition and i know they ran because i did run the thing a couple days ago before i found the rust

so what can i do with them? my gears are turning..

i do need a vacuum pump and apparently you can convert these into one:


but anything else?

i looked on sears website and they dont make the tank anymore..

is there some way i can grab a non-rusty, safe to use 20gal or similar tank somewhere for cheap?

or is there some other fun thing i can do with this stuff?

i also have an old but working pool pump with a similar sized motor..that would make a pretty good flood coolant pump right ? would 60gpm be enough for the sherline?