View Full Version : question about Yasnac tool offset in the Z

02-18-2006, 08:23 PM
I would like to ask a question about a Yasnac Lx3 controlled Tree TC 615.
I have more experience with cnc Mills (Fanuc, Acromatic 2100, Mazak M+) Than I have on cnc Lathes. I have written, run, and Setup 10 or so programs on this TC 615 . But I always run into trouble when i need to reset or set the Tool offset in the Z axis. Setting the X offsets is no problem at all. Saturday i changed out my parting tool touched off on the work piece turned a dia measured pressed POS scrolled down to the offset 52 for tool 2 typed X1.145 enter and presto now for the Z the old parting tool offset had a value of z16.1234 when i lined up the new tool in the z zero of the part and pressed POS z0.0 my Z offset changed to 10.9876 the difference between the two tools should not have been but about .100” I am using a part shift of 3.0” and the tool wear offsets x0.0 z0.0 I suspect I should have aligned the edge of the tool with the face of the chuck (where i have the Part Shift shifted from) if i did that that might make up 3” of my problem. If I also reset the part shift value to 0.0 before the POS button is pressed Might that make up my 6” error? I may have answered my own question but i still feel i am missing something. Thanks for any help you may have .