View Full Version : Request of water quality for Sino water jet cutting machine

03-21-2013, 09:18 PM
Actual water treatment requirements and water quality, the life of the nozzle, cutter continuous work requirements relating to water treatment equipment including water softening, reverse osmosis water purification equipment, water dissociation device. Units of water treatment equipment water treatment water must meet water jet cutting machine (http://www.sinowaterjet.com)water requirements. Frequent start and stop of the water jet cutting machine, which, after the water treatment device can be attached to a small water tank to store certain qualified water; same time the best water supply piping system using PVC pipe, brass and iron pipe will increase the TDS content of the water .

In order to ensure that the water quality to meet the water jet cutter (http://www.sinowaterjet.com) requirements, it is best to set the pump at the entrance a fixed water sampling device. Under the same lifetime with deionized Preferably, the state of the water nozzle, the production of water of the reverse osmosis process, with deionized water equivalent to the specific selection should be based on the overall cost and usage costs as well as the performance of the system uses the existing water treatment equipment to determine . Usually higher the TDS content in the water, into the middle of the water using the reverse osmosis process more economic. Note: the impurities in the water to clear the country, will allow the water becomes more corrosive because the material in contact with water elements will try to replace the water was removed elements so mixed bed excessive dissociation system on water quality processing, but harmful to the use of high-voltage equipment.