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03-18-2013, 02:37 PM
I have Rhino 5 64bit installed on two machines ... one upstairs in the office and one in the workshop. I have a single license that is managed via Zoo. This ensures that I can only have one Rhino running at any given time. This reasonable and rational licensing works out quite nicely for my hobbyist needs.

If I buy MadCAM how will the licensing work? Can I install it on both machines and everything will continue to work as nicely as it has ... i.e. I can only use one Rhino 5\MadCAM instance at a time and which of the two machines I use is not an issue ...

... or will there be some draconian licensing issue that will require that I only install it on one of the machines and essentially neuter the Rhino 5 very user friendly floating license concept

... or be I be required to buy two licenses even thought it will be impossible for me to use them both at the same time as Zoo prevents Rhino from running on both machines at one time.


03-19-2013, 11:40 AM
I'll answer my own question so others will have the information.

Sent an email to madCam and received the following great response ...

Hello Arvid,

The licensing for madCAM works similar to Rhino.
If you buy madCAM, you will receive a license key by e-mail.
You can install madCAM on both of your computers and it will continue to work as before. You can run one copy of madCAM at a time the same way as you run Rhino.
You will not be required to buy two licenses of madCAM. You can install madCAM on both computers, but you will only be able to run one copy at a time if both machines are in the same network.
madCAM will not change anything on your computers and Rhino will continue to work as before.

Best Regards,

Joakim Möller