View Full Version : Difference between Copy and Original NcStudio

Zhang Luying
02-26-2013, 01:30 AM
There are two kinds of NcStudio systems in Chinese Market i.e. Copy and original.
1. The cost of copy is much cheaper than original.
2. The original one has higher impulse frequency, control impulse with good quality, high resolution. So, it could improve processing accuracy and smoothness. Lower noise and extend the lifetime. The output frequency of copy NcStudio is just 50KHZ.
3. Original NcStudio use different output for interference reduction and high system stability.
4. Copy NcStudio with unipolarity output signal, so anti- interference ability is not good.
5. Original NcStudio through whole EMC test. Copy NcStudio not.
6. Original NcStudio has function of package the software, auto parameter backups, backlash compensate, pitch error compensate, tool compensate, continue from breakpoint, warning of servo, feedback of servo encoder, etc. But Copy NcStudio has not.

By the way, one kind of CNC engraving machine in market with one Z axis but two spindles which has function of "move take turns". It could add two kinds of tools to two spindles for simple auto tool change. The original NcStudio has the function to achieve this function automatic but copy system just can achieve this function by manual.


Zoe Zhang

05-03-2013, 09:50 PM
someone engineered from scratch...a system that is less efficient and less signal from original?

I must have had a copy of the NC Studio card since it could never produce the quality cuts I'm getting now from a generic BOB.

maybe you could tell us about some physical features of the NC Studio Card that we could identify fake vs. the real Ching?

I have a newish NC studio card that was removed from a mahine...would you like to buy it with the pictures of .nc cuts before and after?