View Full Version : New Machine Build Bringing older Delta Rockwell table saw to life!

01-29-2013, 06:05 AM
Here is a little gem i picked up from the government for next to nothing. I've been currently using a sears portable plastic table saw with good results, but was looking for something a bit more solid, and made from metal. I plan on making a small rolling station from this. Motor and contrctor appear to be new, motor looks like it is sealed. I'll strip the frame down and citric acid the metal and remove all rust, repaint, and put a new belt on it. I'd like to make a new table top for it and extend it out. Also need to fab a fence. It says 9" but i'd like to see if i can't get it to work with my 10" blades i also run on my chop saw. If possible under the table i'd like to store my chop saw too. Not sure when my project time line will start, but if anyone has any cool DIY mods, or videos feel free to post them. This appears it needs a fence, and a few other things. No big deal i only paid $50.

Rockwell Model Delta Wood Table Saw, Year Unknown, Serial Number: 0102, 1hp, 3450rpm, General Electric Motor, 115/230v, 1ph, 60hz

01-29-2013, 06:16 AM
Found the original PDF with explosion diagrams, and a few other pictures of peoples who are still intact.