View Full Version : Scriber Drill M08 Location before X Y location

01-18-2013, 05:04 PM
have a scriber and all is ok until i try and mark drill holes with the scriber
or plate marker. I have my scriber and air cylinder turn on at the same time. I
have copied some code below so you can see. I am marking the 5 holes on the
plate. Basically it needs to move to the X Y location before it turns the M08
on. This Code is making a line to the first Hole marking location. Not sure if i
missed something here? Any help. Thanks

N0000 (Filename: WARREN2.tap)
N0010 (Post processor: MP1000-THC - scriber-wjb.scpost)
N0020 (Date: 1/18/2013)
N0030 G20 (Units: Inches)
N0040 F1
N0050 G53 G90 G40
N0060 (Part: WARREN2)
N0070 (Process: Drill, Layer 1, T101: Plate Marker, 0 in Deep)
N0080 G00 X1.5001 Y1.5001
N0090 G28.1 Z0.12 F19.685
N0100 G92 Z0.0
N0110 G00 Z0.1000
N0120 G92 Z0.0
N0130 G00 Z0.7500
N0140 M08
N0150 G04 P4.5
N0160 G01 X-4.4649 Y-1.3507 F60.0
N0170 M09
N0180 G04 P3
N0190 G00
N0200 X-3.4649 Y-2.3507
N0210 M08
N0220 G04 P4.5
N0230 G01
N0240 M09
N0250 G04 P3
N0260 G00
N0270 X-5.4649
N0280 M08
N0290 G04 P4.5
N0300 G01
N0310 M09
N0320 G04 P3
N0330 G00
N0340 Y-0.3507
N0350 M08
N0360 G04 P4.5
N0370 G01
N0380 M09
N0390 G04 P3
N0400 G00
N0410 X-3.4649
N0420 M08
N0430 G04 P4.5
N0440 G01
N0450 M09
N0460 G04 P3
N0470 G00
N0480 (Process: Outside Offset, OUTSIDE, T5: 14GA 40AMP)
N0490 G00 X3.1386 Y-0.1386
N0500 G28.1 Z0.12 F19.685
N0510 G92 Z0.0
N0520 G00 Z0.1000
N0530 G92 Z0.0
N0540 G00 Z0.1900
N0550 M03
N0560 G04 P0.15
N0570 G01 Z0.1400 F30.0
N0580 X3.0325 Y-0.0325 F120.0
N0590 X3.0000
N0600 X0.0000
N0610 G02 X-0.0325 Y0.0000 I0.0000 J0.0325 F48.0
N0620 G01 Y3.0000 F120.0
N0630 G02 X0.0000 Y3.0325 I0.0325 J0.0000 F48.0
N0640 G01 X3.0000 F120.0
N0650 G02 X3.0325 Y3.0000 I0.0000 J-0.0325 F48.0
N0660 G01 Y0.0000 F120.0
N0670 Y-0.0325
N0680 X3.0396 Y-0.0396
N0690 M05
N0700 G00 Z0.7500
N0710 X0.0000 Y0.0000
N0720 M05 M30