View Full Version : will my drive work with mach 3

02-01-2006, 05:41 AM
Hello I have a bridgeport mill right now that uses an older anilam series M controller. I just had a technician out the other day to look at my mill. He said my controller is dated which I new. But he also said the drives im using are still very good. He said their new controll would use my current drives.
My question to you is what type of signal does mach send out and do you now how I would hook these up. It seems like my drives except a 15V+and- signal. Do you think these would work.
Thanks for your input, Scott

02-01-2006, 06:46 AM
Mach 3 outputs step and direction signals. Rutex makes a board that excepts step/direction and encoder signals . The board compares the commanded position (step/direction signals) to your actual position (encoder signal) to produce a +/-10v command signal for analog input servos (like yours). These boards are in the $100ea range. Rutex also offers a board like this with a built in servo amp (100vdc@20a) in the $150ea price range. It would probably be easier to tune the built in amp version. The reason I say this is because your original drives are velocity controlled and the PID loop built into the Rutex is aimed at current controlled drives. If you use your existing amps tuning will be done at the amps and mostly the P gain part of the Rutex PID. If you replaced the amps all tuning will be handled in the Rutex PID (in this arragement the tachometer built in your motor will not be used).