View Full Version : What power supply do I need?

09-19-2003, 01:40 AM
I have 3 servo motors with the following characteristics:

Reliance Electric DC Brushed Servo Motors, Model E712
37.51 Oz-In/A
25.0-30.5 V/KRpm
Motor Terminal Resistance .75-1.02 Ohms @ 4A.
Maximum Terminal Voltage 60V
Maximum Continuous Speed 2100 RPM (No Load)
Maximum Peak Torque 1500 Oz-In.
Maximum Peak Current 44.5A
Maximum Continuous Stall Torque At Max Motor Temp 300 Oz-In.
Maximum Continuous Current 8.9A

So, what kind of power supply from hell do I need to build? I was thinking about using toroid transformers.
I assume that I want a power supply that puts out about 55V at many amps.

I know a little electronics but I'm not used to building power supplies this big.
Anyway, what would you suggest?