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01-30-2006, 12:23 PM
I'm trying to run Mach 3 Mill in a simulation, and the execution times for simple programs are just plain silly- an hour and 30-plus minutes for cutting a 3-inch by 1.5 inch hole in half-inch plywood?
I've got do be doing something wrong. But I dunno what.
I've tuned the motors to match the 116-ounce motors on the machine, I've tred adjusting the feed rates, and they just keep reverting back to 1. Must be the drawing I imported, but it's a simple rectangle, how tough could it be?
I've downloaded the latest pdf helpfle for Mach 3 I could find. Haven't looked at it yet but I'm headed there now. I just thought I'd ask here to see if anyone had any ideas.

01-30-2006, 01:03 PM
Is there an F1 in the g-code?

01-30-2006, 02:06 PM
Could you post the g-code for that? Even with the feedrate at 1ipm, it should only take about 10 minutes.

01-30-2006, 02:06 PM
If you're importing a .dxf, set the speed in the import dialog box, use the layer button.

01-30-2006, 10:49 PM
Yes, there are two concurrent F1's in the first section of code alone, and several more down the line.
Here's the first basic section:

G0 Z1.0000
G0 Z1.0000
G0 X-97.0000 Y29.8333
F1.000G1 Z0.0000
F1.000G1 X-97.0000 Y42.8333
G1 X-97.0000 Y43.5000
G1 X-97.0000 Y44.1667
G1 X-97.0000 Y44.8333
G1 X-96.8333 Y45.6667
G1 X-96.6667 Y46.3333
G1 X-96.5000 Y47.0000
G1 X-96.1667 Y47.5000
G1 X-96.0000 Y48.1667
G1 X-95.6667 Y48.8333

You can see I'm a total newb and am relying enirely on the conferters at this point because I won'tknow what I'm looking at until I learn a bit about the G-Code itself.

I don't even think I know enough to ask intelligent questions. Here's a question: If I change that F1 to something like F40, will that change the feedrate to 40?

01-30-2006, 11:11 PM
If I change that F1 to something like F40, will that change the feedrate to 40?

Sure will! :)

01-30-2006, 11:16 PM
Did that, I lost the motor tuning though so it's still taking
its own sweet time- over 30 minutes to cut about 9 inches!
Appreciate the help, by the way. The toolpath that this converter is using isn't all that efficient, I can see some changes to make already;)

01-30-2006, 11:46 PM
Ok, I am confused. No matter what I do, even if I set the motor tuning to outrageous settings, my speed is ridiculously slow- something under an inch a minute, even with my feedrate set to 100. Any more sugestions?

01-31-2006, 12:03 AM
What might be happening is that the scale of the drawing might be way off, or the scale of the drawing and the scale of the Mach3 software are not the same. I need to find out where the machine limits are so I can see if the drawing needs to be scaled.

01-31-2006, 01:05 AM
Ed when you are in config and tuning your motors, have you been saving the axis after making all the adjustments?


01-31-2006, 01:13 AM
Ed when you are in config and tuning your motors, have you been saving the axis after making all the adjustments?


Yes, I have, but I',m not certain my settings are correct to begin with. All my axes are set identically, and here's a screenshot of the settings:

These look like they are in the ballpark for the 116 ounce motors on my machine, so I'm looking at the drawing scale, because my feedrate is at 100, and it's taking way too long to even plunge .

01-31-2006, 03:16 AM
I'm still learning Mach as well, but I think you missed what Gerry said:

"If you're importing a .dxf, set the speed in the import dialog box, use the layer button.
There you can set the feed rates for plunge and direction, I think they default to 1 untill you change them, then they stay at what you set for the futer.

The motor tunning should not matter to generate the G-code, it will generate what ever you tell it to, if your machine can't run that fast, well.....

01-31-2006, 03:21 AM
By the way, is Mach set to run in metric? If so then you are moving at only 1mm per min!

01-31-2006, 03:42 AM
Try to set the "step pulse" from 1us to 5us.
Hope that helps.

01-31-2006, 06:28 AM
I did reset the speed in the layers to 100, along with the spindle speed and the tool number. I defined Tool 1 as havinga .25 diameter and 1 inch cutting length.
I didn't change Mach from mm to Inch. I'l'l go do that, if it's not too difficult. Any tips?

01-31-2006, 07:29 AM
If it's setup in mm, and you switch it to inches, you have to re-tune the motors.

What does the Feedrate DRO say while it's cutting?

01-31-2006, 07:33 AM
The motors are definitely set up in inches, as are the screws.
The DRO is reporting variable values, from around 45.5 to over 145. With a unit per rev of .02.

01-31-2006, 07:43 AM
If the feedrate DRO says 45, then it's cutting at 45ipm. Are your steps/unit setup correctly? What is the pitch of your screws? Microstepping?

01-31-2006, 07:49 AM
Remember, this is all simulated, I don't have a machine connected yet.
That 45 is the LOW end of the speed, but it's still taking 15 minutes to cut 9 inches.
I don't know if I'm microstepping or not, and I don't know where to set the pitch of the screws.

01-31-2006, 08:05 AM
Does the simulation take 15 minutes? Or does Mach3 say it will take 15 minutes?

The pitch and any microstepping is figured into the steps per inch, where you have 3600.

Should be 200 x turns per inch x microstepping amount (8 for 1/8 step, for example)

01-31-2006, 08:12 AM
The program SAYS it'll take 15 minutes, it takes about half that to complete on the sim.

I used the 3600 figure because I found a discussion of this setup stuff in another thread somewhere some time ago and the people discussing it found it to be accurate. I went on faith!
Your math says it should be 32000, not 3600, for a 20-thread-per-inch screw pitch. I'll try that.

01-31-2006, 08:14 AM
Doesn't seem to help much. More than a minute just to plunge the bit. And hat tells me it's more than likely not thedrawing scale.

01-31-2006, 08:14 AM
What it says is not necessarily correct. What drives are you using? You need to know if you're microstepping or not to get right number in there.

01-31-2006, 08:14 AM
Is the Z-axis set up exactly the same as the X?

01-31-2006, 08:17 AM
Yes, exactly, except for the program range limits.

01-31-2006, 08:19 AM
How can I tell if I'm microstepping? I'm guessing yes due to the radiussed curves.

01-31-2006, 08:19 AM
Post the exact g-code your using, if you can.

01-31-2006, 08:21 AM
Is there any chance you have the FRO (feedrate override) button checked? Its on the right side of the default screen and is expressed as a percentage.

01-31-2006, 08:24 AM
How can I tell if I'm microstepping? I'm guessing yes due to the radiussed curves.

It depends on the drives your using. If Geckos, it would be 10. A Xylotex is 8 by default, changed with a jumper I believe. Not sure about a HobbyCNC, but possibly a jumper as well.

What do you mean by radiused curves? Are corners being rounded in the display?

01-31-2006, 08:25 AM
Doesn't look like it, but it's set to 100 percent anyway.

01-31-2006, 08:28 AM
It depends on the drives your using. If Geckos, it would be 10. A Xylotex is 8 by default, changed with a jumper I believe. Not sure about a HobbyCNC, but possibly a jumper as well.

What do you mean by radiused curves? Are corners being rounded in the display?
I'm getting the Xylotex controller, so 8 is appropriate.

Radiussed curves- I'm cutting a rectangular-shaped hole with rounded corners. Instead of sharp, square inside corners, I have a 1/4 inch radius on them.

And yes, they'r ebeing rounded on teh display.
Something also confuses me- I'm not seeing a .25 inch wide bit path, I'm just seeing an outside edge to the cut. If I were to do this manually, I woldn't even have to think about the radiussed corners, it would be four straight lones. That's essentially what I'm trying to do! Four straight lines.

01-31-2006, 08:39 AM
The display only shows the center of the tool. Are you saying the display shows the corners being rounded, but they're not supposed to be?

Post the exact code youre using.

01-31-2006, 08:45 AM
No, Im saying that the display is showing the corners to be rounded and that the tool actually follows the rounding, when it doesn't have to.
There are TONS of extraneous moves in this code, to my mind. But I have no idea how to G-code manually yet, so I'm going to have to hack the commandset later. It includes several bit lifts ad plunges that really aren't all that neccesary and could be eliminated or altered slightly for more efficient running. Maybe you could try it and see if it does the same for you? I don't think the G-code is the issue, but here it is in its entirety:

G0 Z1.0000
G0 Z1.0000
G0 Z1.0000
G0 X-97.0000 Y29.8333
F100.000G1 Z0.0000
F100.000G1 X-97.0000 Y42.8333
G1 X-97.0000 Y43.5000
G1 X-97.0000 Y44.1667
G1 X-97.0000 Y44.8333
G1 X-96.8333 Y45.6667
G1 X-96.6667 Y46.3333
G1 X-96.5000 Y47.0000
G1 X-96.1667 Y47.5000
G1 X-96.0000 Y48.1667
G1 X-95.6667 Y48.8333
G1 X-95.3333 Y49.3333
G1 X-95.0000 Y50.0000
G1 X-94.6667 Y50.5000
G1 X-94.3333 Y51.0000
G1 X-94.0000 Y51.6667
G1 X-93.5000 Y52.1667
G1 X-93.0000 Y52.5000
G1 X-92.5000 Y53.0000
G1 X-92.0000 Y53.5000
G1 X-91.5000 Y53.8333
G1 X-91.0000 Y54.3333
G1 X-90.5000 Y54.6667
G1 X-89.8333 Y55.0000
G1 X-89.3333 Y55.3333
G1 X-88.6667 Y55.5000
G1 X-88.0000 Y55.8333
G1 X-87.3333 Y56.0000
G1 X-86.6667 Y56.1667
G1 X-86.0000 Y56.3333
G1 X-85.3333 Y56.5000
G1 X-84.6667 Y56.5000
G1 X-84.0000 Y56.6667
G1 X-83.3333 Y56.6667
G1 X89.3333 Y56.6667
G1 X90.0000 Y56.6667
G1 X90.6667 Y56.5000
G1 X91.3333 Y56.5000
G1 X92.0000 Y56.3333
G1 X92.6667 Y56.1667
G1 X93.3333 Y56.0000
G1 X94.0000 Y55.8333
G1 X94.6667 Y55.5000
G1 X95.3333 Y55.3333
G1 X95.8333 Y55.0000
G1 X96.5000 Y54.6667
G1 X97.0000 Y54.3333
G1 X97.5000 Y53.8333
G1 X98.0000 Y53.5000
G1 X98.5000 Y53.0000
G1 X99.0000 Y52.5000
G1 X99.5000 Y52.1667
G1 X100.0000 Y51.6667
G1 X100.3333 Y51.0000
G1 X100.6667 Y50.5000
G1 X101.1667 Y50.0000
G1 X101.5000 Y49.3333
G1 X101.6667 Y48.8333
G1 X102.0000 Y48.1667
G1 X102.3333 Y47.5000
G1 X102.5000 Y47.0000
G1 X102.6667 Y46.3333
G1 X102.8333 Y45.6667
G1 X103.0000 Y44.8333
G1 X103.0000 Y44.1667
G1 X103.0000 Y43.5000
G1 X103.1667 Y42.8333
G1 X103.1667 Y42.1667
G1 X103.1667 Y41.6667
G1 X103.1667 Y41.1667
G1 X103.1667 Y40.5000
G1 X103.1667 Y40.0000
G1 X103.1667 Y39.5000
G1 X103.1667 Y39.1667
G1 X103.1667 Y38.6667
G1 X103.1667 Y37.6667
G1 X103.1667 Y37.0000
G1 X103.1667 Y36.1667
G1 X103.1667 Y35.5000
G1 X103.1667 Y34.8333
G1 X103.1667 Y34.1667
G1 X103.1667 Y33.6667
G1 X103.1667 Y33.1667
G1 X103.1667 Y32.8333
G1 X103.1667 Y32.3333
G1 X103.1667 Y31.6667
G1 X103.1667 Y31.1667
G1 X103.1667 Y30.8333
G1 X103.1667 Y30.3333
G1 X103.1667 Y30.1667
G0 Z1.0000
G0 X103.1667 Y-33.0000
F100.000G1 Z0.0000
F100.000G1 X103.1667 Y-44.6667
G1 X103.0000 Y-45.3333
G1 X103.0000 Y-46.0000
G1 X103.0000 Y-46.6667
G1 X102.8333 Y-47.3333
G1 X102.6667 Y-48.0000
G1 X102.5000 Y-48.6667
G1 X102.3333 Y-49.3333
G1 X102.0000 Y-50.0000
G1 X101.6667 Y-50.5000
G1 X101.5000 Y-51.1667
G1 X101.1667 Y-51.8333
G1 X100.6667 Y-52.3333
G1 X100.3333 Y-52.8333
G1 X100.0000 Y-53.3333
G1 X99.5000 Y-53.8333
G1 X99.0000 Y-54.3333
G1 X98.5000 Y-54.8333
G1 X98.0000 Y-55.3333
G1 X97.5000 Y-55.6667
G1 X97.0000 Y-56.0000
G1 X96.5000 Y-56.3333
G1 X95.8333 Y-56.6667
G1 X95.3333 Y-57.0000
G1 X94.6667 Y-57.3333
G1 X94.0000 Y-57.5000
G1 X93.3333 Y-57.8333
G1 X92.6667 Y-58.0000
G1 X92.0000 Y-58.1667
G1 X91.3333 Y-58.1667
G1 X90.6667 Y-58.3333
G1 X90.0000 Y-58.3333
G1 X89.3333 Y-58.3333
G1 X-83.3333 Y-58.3333
G1 X-84.0000 Y-58.3333
G1 X-84.6667 Y-58.3333
G1 X-85.3333 Y-58.1667
G1 X-86.0000 Y-58.1667
G1 X-86.6667 Y-58.0000
G1 X-87.3333 Y-57.8333
G1 X-88.0000 Y-57.5000
G1 X-88.6667 Y-57.3333
G1 X-89.3333 Y-57.0000
G1 X-89.8333 Y-56.6667
G1 X-90.5000 Y-56.3333
G1 X-91.0000 Y-56.0000
G1 X-91.5000 Y-55.6667
G1 X-92.0000 Y-55.3333
G1 X-92.5000 Y-54.8333
G1 X-93.0000 Y-54.3333
G1 X-93.5000 Y-53.8333
G1 X-94.0000 Y-53.3333
G1 X-94.3333 Y-52.8333
G1 X-94.6667 Y-52.3333
G1 X-95.0000 Y-51.8333
G1 X-95.3333 Y-51.1667
G1 X-95.6667 Y-50.5000
G1 X-96.0000 Y-50.0000
G1 X-96.1667 Y-49.3333
G1 X-96.5000 Y-48.6667
G1 X-96.6667 Y-48.0000
G1 X-96.8333 Y-47.3333
G1 X-97.0000 Y-46.6667
G1 X-97.0000 Y-46.0000
G1 X-97.0000 Y-45.3333
G1 X-97.0000 Y-44.6667
G1 X-97.0000 Y-31.6667
G0 Z1.0000
G0 X103.1667 Y-31.8333
F100.000G1 Z0.0000
F100.000G1 X103.1667 Y-33.0000
G0 Z1.0000
G0 X103.1667 Y-31.8333
F100.000G1 Z0.0000
F100.000G1 X103.1667 Y-31.6667
G0 Z1.0000
G0 X-96.8333 Y30.1667
F100.000G1 Z0.0000
F100.000G1 X-103.5000 Y30.1667
G1 X-104.1667 Y30.1667
G1 X-105.0000 Y30.1667
G1 X-105.6667 Y30.0000
G1 X-106.3333 Y29.8333
G1 X-107.0000 Y29.8333
G1 X-107.6667 Y29.5000
G1 X-108.3333 Y29.3333
G1 X-108.8333 Y29.1667
G1 X-109.5000 Y28.8333
G1 X-110.1667 Y28.5000
G1 X-110.6667 Y28.1667
G1 X-111.1667 Y27.8333
G1 X-111.8333 Y27.5000
G1 X-112.3333 Y27.0000
G1 X-112.8333 Y26.6667
G1 X-113.3333 Y26.1667
G1 X-113.6667 Y25.6667
G1 X-114.1667 Y25.1667
G1 X-114.5000 Y24.6667
G1 X-115.0000 Y24.1667
G1 X-115.3333 Y23.5000
G1 X-115.6667 Y23.0000
G1 X-116.0000 Y22.3333
G1 X-116.1667 Y21.8333
G1 X-116.5000 Y21.1667
G1 X-116.6667 Y20.5000
G1 X-116.8333 Y19.8333
G1 X-117.0000 Y19.1667
G1 X-117.1667 Y18.5000
G1 X-117.3333 Y17.8333
G1 X-117.3333 Y17.1667
G1 X-117.3333 Y16.3333
G1 X-117.3333 Y-18.1667
G1 X-117.3333 Y-18.8333
G1 X-117.3333 Y-19.5000
G1 X-117.1667 Y-20.3333
G1 X-117.0000 Y-21.0000
G1 X-116.8333 Y-21.6667
G1 X-116.6667 Y-22.3333
G1 X-116.5000 Y-22.8333
G1 X-116.1667 Y-23.5000
G1 X-116.0000 Y-24.1667
G1 X-115.6667 Y-24.6667
G1 X-115.3333 Y-25.3333
G1 X-115.0000 Y-25.8333
G1 X-114.5000 Y-26.5000
G1 X-114.1667 Y-27.0000
G1 X-113.6667 Y-27.5000
G1 X-113.3333 Y-28.0000
G1 X-112.8333 Y-28.3333
G1 X-112.3333 Y-28.8333
G1 X-111.8333 Y-29.1667
G1 X-111.1667 Y-29.6667
G1 X-110.6667 Y-30.0000
G1 X-110.1667 Y-30.3333
G1 X-109.5000 Y-30.6667
G1 X-108.8333 Y-30.8333
G1 X-108.3333 Y-31.1667
G1 X-107.6667 Y-31.3333
G1 X-107.0000 Y-31.5000
G1 X-106.3333 Y-31.6667
G1 X-105.6667 Y-31.8333
G1 X-105.0000 Y-31.8333
G1 X-104.1667 Y-32.0000
G1 X-103.5000 Y-32.0000
G1 X-96.8333 Y-32.0000
G0 Z1.0000
G0 X103.3333 Y30.1667
F100.000G1 Z0.0000
F100.000G1 X103.3333 Y30.1667
G1 X103.5000 Y30.1667
G1 X104.0000 Y30.1667
G1 X104.3333 Y30.1667
G1 X104.8333 Y30.1667
G1 X105.1667 Y30.1667
G1 X105.8333 Y30.1667
G1 X106.5000 Y30.1667
G1 X107.3333 Y30.1667
G1 X107.8333 Y30.1667
G1 X108.3333 Y30.1667
G1 X108.8333 Y30.1667
G1 X109.3333 Y30.1667
G1 X110.0000 Y30.1667
G1 X110.3333 Y30.1667
G1 X111.1667 Y30.1667
G1 X111.6667 Y30.1667
G1 X112.0000 Y30.1667
G1 X112.1667 Y30.1667
G1 X111.8333 Y30.0000
G1 X111.3333 Y30.0000
G1 X110.6667 Y30.0000
G1 X110.0000 Y30.0000
G1 X109.8333 Y30.0000
G1 X110.5000 Y30.0000
G1 X111.1667 Y30.0000
G1 X111.8333 Y29.8333
G1 X112.5000 Y29.6667
G1 X113.1667 Y29.5000
G1 X113.8333 Y29.3333
G1 X114.5000 Y29.1667
G1 X115.1667 Y28.8333
G1 X115.8333 Y28.6667
G1 X116.3333 Y28.3333
G1 X117.0000 Y28.0000
G1 X117.5000 Y27.6667
G1 X118.0000 Y27.3333
G1 X118.6667 Y26.8333
G1 X119.1667 Y26.3333
G1 X119.5000 Y26.0000
G1 X120.0000 Y25.5000
G1 X120.5000 Y25.0000
G1 X120.8333 Y24.5000
G1 X121.3333 Y23.8333
G1 X121.6667 Y23.3333
G1 X122.0000 Y22.8333
G1 X122.1667 Y22.1667
G1 X122.5000 Y21.5000
G1 X122.8333 Y21.0000
G1 X123.0000 Y20.3333
G1 X123.1667 Y19.6667
G1 X123.3333 Y19.0000
G1 X123.5000 Y18.3333
G1 X123.5000 Y17.6667
G1 X123.6667 Y16.8333
G1 X123.6667 Y16.1667
G1 X123.6667 Y-18.3333
G1 X123.6667 Y-19.0000
G1 X123.5000 Y-19.8333
G1 X123.5000 Y-20.5000
G1 X123.3333 Y-21.1667
G1 X123.1667 Y-21.8333
G1 X123.0000 Y-22.5000
G1 X122.8333 Y-23.1667
G1 X122.5000 Y-23.6667
G1 X122.1667 Y-24.3333
G1 X122.0000 Y-25.0000
G1 X121.6667 Y-25.5000
G1 X121.3333 Y-26.1667
G1 X120.8333 Y-26.6667
G1 X120.5000 Y-27.1667
G1 X120.0000 Y-27.6667
G1 X119.5000 Y-28.1667
G1 X119.1667 Y-28.6667
G1 X118.6667 Y-29.0000
G1 X118.0000 Y-29.5000
G1 X117.5000 Y-29.8333
G1 X117.0000 Y-30.1667
G1 X116.3333 Y-30.5000
G1 X115.8333 Y-30.8333
G1 X115.1667 Y-31.1667
G1 X114.5000 Y-31.3333
G1 X113.8333 Y-31.5000
G1 X113.1667 Y-31.6667
G1 X112.5000 Y-31.8333
G1 X111.8333 Y-32.0000
G1 X111.1667 Y-32.1667
G1 X110.5000 Y-32.1667
G1 X109.8333 Y-32.1667
G1 X109.1667 Y-32.1667
G1 X108.6667 Y-32.1667
G1 X108.0000 Y-32.1667
G1 X107.5000 Y-32.1667
G1 X107.1667 Y-32.1667
G1 X106.6667 Y-32.1667
G1 X105.8333 Y-32.1667
G1 X105.1667 Y-32.1667
G1 X104.6667 Y-32.1667
G1 X104.3333 Y-32.1667
G1 X103.8333 Y-32.1667
G1 X103.3333 Y-32.1667
G1 X103.1667 Y-32.1667
G1 X103.0000 Y-32.1667
G0 Z1.0000
G0 X0 Y0

01-31-2006, 09:07 AM
here is what the g-code looks like. The problem might be that it's 10 FEET by 20 FEET

01-31-2006, 09:14 AM
Ah-HA! I KNEW it! How the HECK did it get to be that big? Scale on the drawing is set to one inch = one inch.

The G-code looks somewhat correct- it's a pickup cutout. but it's got a little glitch, it looks like, in the left side.

So now I get to go find out how to reduce the scale by a factor of 16.
Thanks for confirming my SWAG on it being scale.

01-31-2006, 09:17 AM
Could you upload the .dxf? I'll give you some cleaner code that should work fine.

01-31-2006, 09:24 AM
Sure thing, here it is.
I am converting from pdf files, using the AIDE pdf to dxf converter. Must be doing something wrong there.

01-31-2006, 09:32 AM
How wide should it be. The .dxf is 241 inches.

01-31-2006, 09:37 AM
Yeow. The widest part of the hole, including the ears, should be 3.4 inches, and it should be 1.57 inches tall.

01-31-2006, 09:40 AM
I already did it at 4" wide. Try this.

G0 Z0.13
G0 X3.66 Y1.47 Z0.13
G1 X3.66 Y1.47 Z-0.50 F30
G1 X3.75 Y1.47 Z-0.50 F100
G2 X4.00 Y1.22 Z-0.50 I0.00 J-0.25
G1 X4.00 Y0.69 Z-0.50
G2 X3.75 Y0.44 Z-0.50 I-0.25 J0.00
G1 X3.66 Y0.44 Z-0.50
G1 X3.66 Y0.25 Z-0.50
G2 X3.41 Y0.00 Z-0.50 I-0.25 J0.00
G1 X0.59 Y0.00 Z-0.50
G2 X0.34 Y0.25 Z-0.50 I0.00 J0.25
G1 X0.34 Y0.44 Z-0.50
G1 X0.25 Y0.44 Z-0.50
G2 X0.00 Y0.69 Z-0.50 I0.00 J0.25
G1 X0.00 Y1.22 Z-0.50
G2 X0.25 Y1.47 Z-0.50 I0.25 J0.00
G1 X0.34 Y1.47 Z-0.50
G1 X0.34 Y1.66 Z-0.50
G2 X0.59 Y1.91 Z-0.50 I0.25 J0.00
G1 X3.41 Y1.91 Z-0.50
G2 X3.66 Y1.66 Z-0.50 I0.00 J-0.25
G1 X3.66 Y1.47 Z-0.50
G0 X3.66 Y1.47 Z0.13
G0 Z0.25
G0 X0 Y0

01-31-2006, 09:41 AM
Make sure your I,J mode is set to incremental in Config>State

01-31-2006, 09:49 AM
That's definitely much more like it in performance. Thanks for your efforts, Ger. I need to figure out why the scaling went wacky in the conversion, because the drawings are 1 to 1 and I told the conversion to go 1 to 1 as well.
I'll go see if a 1 to .1 conversion will do the trick.

01-31-2006, 09:56 AM
Getting g-code from a .pdf is not a good way to do it. Notice how many lines of code you had vs what I had. Learn to use a cheap or free CAD program like A9CAD, www.a9tech.com , and you can do something that simple in a few minutes.

01-31-2006, 09:56 AM
The sim says 7 minutes for my code and a minute 58 for yours. ;)
I've learned never to trust the conversions!

What pdf to dxf conversion utils are available , acfurate, and worth buying?

01-31-2006, 09:58 AM
I definitely agree. I have CADSt lite, and A9CAD as well. My problem is I can't draw a straight line with a ruler;)
I have PDF's of what I want to cut in the dimensions I need them cut in, but you're right, I need to go back to square one and learn to use the proper tools.

04-18-2006, 01:41 PM
can i get where you got that pdf file from