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09-17-2003, 08:18 PM
I started out in the business doing programming for VMC's and worked my way backwards on manual machines because I hated operating when my part was finished. I recently bought a Job Shop that I had worked in for 5 years and when right out and bought a bank repo Fryer VB-60 so I could take away my mill operators ability to think. Im still waiting on the book to come in but until then i'm in a bind with a large job at stake. Instead of using all the conversation functions and trying to work the bugs out i wrote the program in simple line moves. It runs just fine until it goes to do the 1st cut on a process it did just fine on the other side of the part. It starts out with a -Y move and when it gets to the point where it should stop and do a +X move it continues the -y move right through my part making it junk. After the machine scraps my part it gives me a message saying "Bad line move corrected one line added to correct." Is there any way I can turn this function off so I can make my 1st part and get it to the customer before i loose my ass?

09-17-2003, 10:51 PM
Anilam 3300mk that is. If you can't tell it has been a long day

09-18-2003, 12:25 AM
Can you show us your code? Maybe you have to put both the x, and y coordinates with each line. I don't know. Sounds like some kind of trig help function. Milltronics uses this function and it can be turned off. Maybe you should contact the machine builder on how to turn it off.

09-18-2003, 12:39 AM
Ouch, that is really bad news. Did the move with the error involve the cutting of an arc, by any chance? If it did, there most likely was a mathematical error in the calculation of the end point of the arc, or the arc center coordinates.

Do you already have a favourite cadcam system? Usually, there are a few options to set in the post driver having to do with the arc format. Might be something to check.

Like Mortek said, give us a glimpse of your code.

09-18-2003, 07:31 PM
The first VMC that i programmed was a milltronics Patner IV or V so i remember alot of the glitches it had in the can cylces so i tried to avoid using can cycles and do it all in simple line moves but what baffled me was it had already done in same move in several sections of the part. I worked around it by doin an arc into the slug at that move and it seemed to work ok but the problem originated with an X axis fault that did not display. I figured that part out running some different programs. The Tool distributer is on his way tomorrow to repair it but he thinks it is a loose connection from the shipping. Thank you guys very much for your input and concern. Now I know I came to the right place.

Thanks again

09-20-2005, 07:46 AM
Our fryer/anilam vmc is full of these little glitches. When I came here 1 year ago I brought over 9000 proven part programs that were simple g code that ran on a variety of fanuc controlled machines and some programs simply will not run without major modifications for the fryer/anilam vmc. If you disect the anilam conversational programming codes you can then figure out what g codes and processes work. Most problems occur when trying to use cutter compensation and/or canned cycles like you have stated. Always program the actual part geometry when using cutter compensation. This involves telling your programming system a tool dia of zero and this in itself can cause problems with the programming system. Enter the actual tool diameter in the tool set up page on the machine and adjust size with the "wear" comp associated with the tool. If you are not using comp and just programming the center of the tool there are less problems. Be sure to follow the machine requirements for arc moves g2/3 and x/y/i/j. Most puzzling to me is that our machine requires that a small arc[fillet] slightly larger than the tool radius be placed between moves of non tangency. We milled a partial handle shape that was attached to an outside circle that resulted in non tangencies where the handle met the circle. A fanuc based control will simply follow the programmed g code [center of the tool/no comp] but the fryer/anilam would not and actually cut a shape that made no sense at all...also known as scrap. The anilam is poorly documented and designed with regard to ease of use and simple g code translation but hang in there because it can be made to work. Get a good relationship started with your fryer dealer/service, our fryer is in need of repairs on what seems like a monthly basis even though it is 14 months old with 500 hours.

07-25-2008, 10:29 AM
Time flies...We have moved to a new building and grown in size and capacity. We kept our Fryer MC10 and use it fairly often. I should note that our local dealer(great) and Fryer fixed our machines electrical problems by replacing all axis cables and presto all the nagging electrical problems went away. This was all done at thier cost...very nice indeed. We have learned to use this machine within its capabilities and have one operater that is quite effecient with the converstional programming and those two things make the machine useful. I'll stand by my original statements about the oddities of the control and functionality but these are things you get use to over time. We also bought a Fryer VB60 a few years ago and it has performed well and is used everyday. The only negative so far is the weak coolant pump, slow coolant flow response time, coolant return set up, and leaks around table guard.
I hope this appeases the Fryer Gods above.

Larry Patterson
03-15-2011, 02:53 PM
I am looking for a Anilam 3300 Mk control system for parts. Any help would be appreciated. Please call Larry at 801 216 4576. Thank you

04-14-2013, 08:53 AM
I just picked up a Fryer VB-40 and here is a short sample program, I found it helpful to have some of this code in debugging my post processor. I am also in need of the Fryer/Anilam 3300mk tool changer macro, I called Fryer but was informed they no longer offer the retrofit kit and no longer make the VB-40. Let me know if you need some sample code. Thanks

Dim Abs
Tool# 1
Rapid X 0.0000 Y 0.0000 Z 1.0000
Rapid Z 0.0300
Loop Sub# 1 #Loops 5
Tool# 0
Rapid X 0.0000 Y 0.0000 Z 0.0000
Sub 1
Dim Incr
Line Z -0.0250
Dim Abs
Line Y -2.0000 Feed 25.0
Rapid X 0.5000
Rapid Y 0.0000
Rapid X 0.0000

04-14-2013, 02:38 PM
Don't know if this is it or not. It's the atc macro from a Fryer 4020MV.

Remove the .TXT extension from the end of the filename.