View Full Version : New Shop!! Elec. service panel sizing help wanted....

11-23-2012, 01:48 PM
Built a shop space, getting quotes for electrical service. Have to put in a whole new service, including meter base. The electrician thinks 200 amps is enough, but part of this will be powering some lights in the wifes horse arena. Looking to have power available for a biggish air compressor, welder, mill, lathe, etc. The welder will take 50-60 amps by itself at full rated power output, and the air compressor could be running at the same time, so there's almost half the amps possible at once.

Guess I need to get some power input ratings and add them up. But if anyone has some experience here from your own space, that would help.


11-23-2012, 02:00 PM
You could investigate the option of efficient arena lighting in place of incandescent such as high pressure sodium etc, these use way less than normal incandescent, the down side is the colour distortion.
Figure out your max total load at any given time and the Electrician should be able to figure it out for you.
But if you consider expanding any time in the future, this should be accounted for.
Also keep in mind the duty cycle, how much and how many machines or circuits are you going to be using at any one time