View Full Version : Hobbycnc ez and cnc4pc C11 board

Lasr Da Vinci
10-29-2012, 11:31 AM
Hi, everyone,

I am pretty new at this, but since I started building my 3 axis cnc machine a year ago, I've come a very long way.
The machine is working perfectly, I am running mach3 and controlling the motors and homing switches with a Hobbycnc EZ board.

Now, I want to go step farther and use a VFD with a bigger spindle motor, control a water pump and vacuum system using and control them using a C11 cnc4pc board. So I was wondering if someone have had any experience setting up the C11 to work with the hobbycnc card. I am not using the breakout board outputs, since I connect the hobbycnc card to the C11 output connector.

When I connect the two 5V power supplies to the C11, the two power LEDs come on, but the motors are not turning. What settings do I need to configure on the C11 board so it can communicate with the hobbycnc board?