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01-09-2006, 09:20 PM
ive been lurking for a few weeks and quickly made my decision to try and replicate some of the successes many of you have had. im planning building a hybrid of several examples ive seen here and would liek to thank in advance all those who have submitted pictures, diagrams, and comments/feedback. your efforts take the edge off of the build process.

ive begun to buy and bid on some of the needed parts. thusfar ive won a bid on some great looking thk rails 42" with four blocks. ive secured quite alot of 8020 extrusions. and i have a lead on some thk rails for the other two axis'.

i do think ill make one departure over convention though and would like any feedback i can get. instread of using mdf or plywood. i have a bunch of purpleheart ill try and use instead. that and ironwood are the hardest and most stable woods i know i can get my hands on and figure that the hardness and rigidity will serve nicely.

i do want to pass on some very good kudos to three suppliers. xylotex, 8020 garage on ebay, and bobcadcam. i ordered the 3 axis complete kit from xylotex and it got here so fast. they must be based here in anchorage alaska with me. im not certain. wherever they are and whatever means they used to get my stuff to me i commend them. if their prompt shipment is any indication of their product and sevice, i look forward to working with them. the sales people at bobcadcam were pretty flexible with me...i wonder if it was because it was friday? anyways....ill try and get the this built and send pictures.

best regards

01-09-2006, 09:25 PM
I'd recommend against using solid wood, because it can move so much with humidity changes. But you probably don't have much humidity up there. Here in Michigan, I've noticed even MDF growing a noticable amount with humidity. And not thickness, either. Solid wood would be much worse.

01-09-2006, 09:51 PM
Sir ive read many of yoru posts and value you advice. thanks. your right, not all that much humidity here but there is some. eventually ill make a second router out of aluminum, i was thinking to use the first to make the second. if i stay on that track i wont need the first to be super dupper forever. the main peices i wanted to use the purpleheart for is the end peices and side of gantry with alum extrusions for much of the rest and a sacraficial mdf bed that i wont feel bad about scaring up. and if it dont work...ill try something else, thats what makes these things so much fun.

one thing i havent made a move on is the lead screws and associates hardware. im leaning towards the acme screws but im unsure of what all to order. i understand they come in 6 foot sections. ill have to do a bit of cutting to reduce their size i guess.

thanks again gerry.