View Full Version : Tech Questions, TC-2, Fanuc 2T, Program, Way Luber, and Servos

01-09-2006, 09:01 PM
What a vast wealth of information around here :)

Hopefully someone out there has seen or knows something about the mess to follow.

1984 Takisawa TC-2 with Fanuc 2T control and Devco Showa YMAS way lube system.

When running my program, if I use full rapid, it will randomly come to initial point in front of part, but X about 1/8" low and goes into a 02 Servo Not Ready. The X axis will continue to *creep* down slowly until I power off control.

To clear this I have to fully power down and restart. Then it won't home in X (overtravels) until I power control only down, then hold Reset, Q/P, and Cancel while power up, then I can home X and all is well for 1 part to 10 parts and repeats again.

Any thoughts on what is wrong here?

2nd, The way lube system appears to be set to the lowest cc setting, but cycles so often that if it is powered up it will use almost a full tank per day even at idle (not cycling parts)

Is there any way to adjust the frequency of when it pumps?

I am attaching some images to clarify what style pump it is, and also including some pics of my program in hopes someone can tell me if it may be my program causing the servo error.

(If anyone happens to see some places I could improve this cycle while they are at it..... lol)

This is my first Lathe prog since '89, and first on this old a control. Took me an hour to figure out how to use G50 the way I did to set work shift and then figure G28 return because if I don't go home after a part it creeps in X and Z on each cycle.

For reference it is doing a rough face/bevel and a finish face/radius/bevel on 5/8" dia. T-303 S/S with .032R coated carbide insert (thank God I still had my old comp charts, this control doesn't even have G41/42) lol.

Op2 does a 7/16-20 with a relief, finishes look good, just seeing if anyone sees any areas where I could improve it glaringly :)

Thanks much, hope you had a great holiday :)