View Full Version : Fagor 8055 custom screens

08-27-2012, 04:45 PM
Hi everyone,

I retrofitted an old lathe by placing a Fagor 8040 in it, several years ago. Now as an addition to make diagnostics more accessible, I want to create a (or some) "Custom screen" (s).

I have the right software for it (WinDraw55 from Fagor), I have the skills, have the opportunity to work on two cnc's (8040 and 8055) at a client of ours, but man, those guys at Fagor really know how to NOT write a propper manual.
It's just all over the place.
They state that the files edited are the .pan files, but as I discovered, there is a specific number for every screen and the way it (inter-)acts (e.g. 000.pan is the "splashscreen").
But that is nowhere to be found in the "manual".
It's written like "To drive the car, you have to use the throttle and the brake". Not so good that they forgot to mention to put gas in the tank, open the door, put the key in the ignition, turn it, turn it a bit further and let go, use the clutch, shift it to first, ... nope, just "To go fast, us the right peddal, there is also a way to slow down."

Thus, can anyone clear this out for me please? Also parameters used, subprogramms,... well, the works.

Thanks in advance,

Dave, Belgium
(Het mag dus ook in 't nederlands :p)