View Full Version : Problem Plasma Touch & Go Setup Issues

08-27-2012, 03:58 PM
Hi, I am eyeball deep in a Plasma table project. Controls all work, gantry is built, Z is working. I am trying to set up a floating head design. (No DTHC at this time) I am using Sheetcam for a post processor. I've tried using the generic mp1000-thc-zref post processor option in Sheetcam, and it gave me somewhat erratic results.

My question is; Is there a way for me to manually setup the touch & go in Sheetcam? (preferably without having to manually edit G-code for every pierce) possibly I'm just having troubles wrapping my head around the setup, but I have not found any options for this so far.

Any and all help appreciated. If I'm not in the right section of the forum, kindly kick me in the right direction.