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08-22-2012, 10:24 AM
Good morning gents.

Very new to CNC, company purchased a Multicam 3000 with 15HP spindle. I've received pretty basic training but I get a lot of advice from our neighbor shop and from Multicam. I've searched the forums (didn't scour, try not to use too much company time not working) and I can't find any kind of sticky or other information on recommended tooling.

Right now we are working primarily with wood, primarily MDF (1/4" and 1/2"), 23/32 cabinet grade plywood (I believe an A/B grade), and very soon a 1" pine plywood (probably A/B but possibly B/C).

Currently I run a Onsrud series 60-337 3-flute, Upcut with chipbreaker, cutting the 23/32 plywood with 3 passes at 16000rpm and ~500ipm. I was using 2 passes but it was tearing up the finish as well as pulling small pieces straight off the vacuum. I usually try to program it to leave .01" holding the material down and 3 passes creates less friction on the final pass.

I comprehend the basics of how the different types of bits affect the finish, but I would like to hear about experiences cutting plywood.

What type of bit is most cost effective while maintaining decent finish? I've been exploring straight bits as that seems to be the preference that is cost effective, but open to all opinions.

Also all opinions on re-sharpening bits are welcome.
Thanks in advance for all replies.

08-22-2012, 11:46 AM
Try an Onsrud 60-173MC at 16,000 rpm and 800ipm, in one pass.

Check Ebay, as I just bought 10 of these for $25 each a few months back.

You might also want to try a 3/8", 60-123MC at maybe 17,000 rpm and 800ipm. Again, 1 pass.
Depending on you vacuum try this. For parts smaller than about 400 sq inches, leave .01 on the first pass, but cut all the small parts like this first, then go back and cut the small parts loose, then finish with the larger parts.