View Full Version : Acrylic Product Maintenance

08-21-2012, 02:03 AM
With acrylic advanced features, acrylic ihas been used more and more widely. Well, acryclic i also with disadvantages, such as easily get scratched, this requires we should take good care of acrylic product.
Usually, acrylic product is with following advanced features:
1. Visual Effect: Multi-color, gorgeous, strong visual impact.
2. Weather-Resistance: Keep no fade for rather long time, even for 8-15 years.
3. Durability: Protect power supply within it, last power lifetime.
4. Reasonability: Reasonable design, rain and humidity-proof, easy to get maintenance because of its structure.
5. Attaching-Resistance: Its attaching-resistance capability is 200 times over glass.
6. Optical Transparency: could up 95%, save cost of power.
7. Burning-Resistance: no self buring.
How to handle maintance for acrylic?
1. Clean. Use clean water to clean and dry it with soft cloth.
2. Use polishing paste with soft cloth to make acrylic shinning.
3. If acrylic products are broken, use IPS glue etc to stick it.
4. Use poshing machine to polish it if surface is scratched or use laser engraving machine engrave acrylic (http://www.omni-cnc.com) to engrave the surface again.