View Full Version : StickFont v2.12 and StickFont Editor v1.01 now available

08-08-2012, 12:19 PM
StickFont v2.12 and StickFont Editor v1.01 is now available for download from NCPlot.com - Tools for CNC Programmers (http://www.ncplot.com)

StickFont v2.12 Release Notes

Fixed a crash bug when trying to zoom extents after starting a new project.
When converting True Type fonts to StickFont format the space character width was not being set, this is fixed.
Enabled the right-click menu on the G-Code header and footer entry windows. This menu includes undo, cut, copy, paste, etc.
Added the option to save G-Code in incremental coordinates.

StickFont Editor v1.01 Release Notes

The entity info window is now a toolbar and can be docked into the main application window.
Updated the Cut, Copy and Paste operations to allow these functions to work between multiple instances of StickFont Editor.

This update is free for registered users.