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07-20-2012, 10:14 PM
Wood Processing By Laser Engraving Machine or CNC Wood Router
1. Log/Raw Wood
Wood material is a rather common material processed by laser engraving and cutting machine, cnc wood router. The light wood, such as birch, cherry or oak can be easily heated by laser, is a rather suitable wood for laser engraving machine. Every kind of wood is with its own characters, for some solid wood, it requires high laser power to engrave and cut. So before processing material, the laser engraving and cutting machine user, or cnc wood router operator should know the wood characters.
2. Plywood
Some customers may want to engrave on the plywood, there is no much difference between plywood and raw material. Just notice that the engraving depth can not be too deep, and the edge of plywood after cutting by laser cutting machine also will be black.
3. Wood Cutting
One path for laser cutting wood is around 5mm to 15mm according to the laser power. In the processing of cutting, we should notice that if the cutting speed is too slow, the cutting edge will be burnt badly. If you would not like the cutting edge of wood being black, you can use cnc wood router to cut, and this cnc wood router (http://www.omni-cnc.com) can cut wood at rather higher speed and efficiency.
4. Colouration
The wood is with special beauty after engraved by laser machine, the color of burning depends on the laser power and speed. But some material is soft, you can not change its color after engraving, such as birch. Some times, customers may ask to colourate to the final product, you can use acrylic paints