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07-16-2012, 04:00 AM
OMNI CNC Wood Router Details Photos.
The following is about OMNI CNC wood router basic model details photos. Hope you would get familiar with omni cnc wood router with the following information.
OMNI CNC wood router (http://www.omni-cnc.com) Italy spindle works on the cylinder wood.
Cylinder material device: rotary device. It is fixed on the working table, can be regarded as 4th axis of cnc wood router.
OMNI cnc wood router motor part on 3 axis. Motors are with superior quality, rather affordable on the high temprature even 220 centi degree, with excellent working performance and lifetime comparing other cnc router manufacturer with 120 centi degree motor. Aluminium plate is with thicken one, rack and pinion ensure the high speed and precision.
OMNI CNC wood router vacuum pump. This vacuum pump create the power to holding down processing material on the working table tightly.
OMNI CNC wood router vacuum switches. There is VAT switch can control while section vacuum function. And others will control the seperated vacuum table.