View Full Version : NCPlot v2.25 is now available

07-14-2012, 10:20 PM
NCPlot v2.25 is now available for download!

Go to NCPlot.com - Tools for CNC Programmers (http://www.ncplot.com) to download.

NCPlot v2.25 Release Notes
July 12, 2012

Fixed some crash bugs related to the macro translator tool.

Added a viewport tool that allows moving the rotation center for the isometric view. This is selcted via the menu "View / Set ISO View Rotation Center" or the viewport keyboard shortcut key "Q". When selected this command waits for you to pick an endpoint on the viewport then shifts the view so that the picked point is centered on the viewport.

Program blocks that begin with the character "%" are now ignored by the interpreter.

Changed the behavior of the "Calc / Measure" tool. Instead of requiring that entities be selected before invoking this tool it will now prompt for 2 endpoints to measure between. This is identical to using the viewport shortcut key "M".

Added a new preferences settings that allows reversing the zoom direction for the mouse wheel. The setting is called "Reverse mouse wheel zoom direction".

Fixed a bug in the DXF importer chaining tool. It was not allowing chains to be created from single entities, this is fixed.