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07-06-2012, 05:46 AM
Hey guys, Im busy making a fanuc milling tutorial. Check it out and give me feedback, its brand new so it wont be perfect. But I really would like to know what you guys think of it so far. If I get good results from you guys, Im going to make more tutorials, like featurecam and mazatrol, to name a few. Heres the link. Thanks Guys :cheers:

fanucprogramming.blogspot.com (http://fanucprogramming.blogspot.com)

07-06-2012, 06:05 AM
Sorry guys, I dont want you to think im spamming. Im really not. just want opinions.

07-10-2012, 03:16 AM
Iv changed the whole thing to make it much easier to read and follow. Please guys comment on the blog and give me some feedback.

Cnc Programming (http://cnc-programming-by-gord.blogspot.com)

Il appreciate any feedback, good or bad.

07-10-2012, 08:53 AM
You need to separate mill from lathe so that people understand there are major differences.

07-10-2012, 08:58 AM
Oh darn I almost forgot to do that. My original Blog was like that. thanks for the feedback thoug. I really appreciate it. What did you think of the information though? was it easy to understand?

07-10-2012, 10:33 AM
Iv just realised something... This is definately not the right place for this post...


My bad...(chair)