View Full Version : Right Hand For OMNI 5 Axis CNC Router

06-15-2012, 04:31 AM
OMNI 3d-Metric system is used to assist accurate and fast 3D measurement of large sized object, which consists of a DSLR CAMERA, coded and un-coded targets, and scale bar.This device can assist OMNI 5 axis cnc wood router (http://www.omni-cnc.com) prefectly for automotive field. OMNI 3d-metric calculates the coordinates of the object precisely and quickly. The data can be used for
3d inspection and CAD comparison, making deformation analysis.
The high accuracy result of OMNI 3D-Metric can be worked with OMNI 3d-scanner in areas of automotive field, aerospace, shipbuilding industry, architecture, large-scale relic, power generation machinery, etc.