View Full Version : OMNI 3D Scanner Features On CNC Wood Router

06-14-2012, 05:57 AM
OMNI 3D-Scanner on cnc wood router (http://www.omni-cnc.com) is one of the most advanced white light 3D measuring systems. It adopts the raster scanning and auto-registration
technology carries out the scanning in a non-contact way. It is well known for its high efficiency, high precision, longevity, high resolution, and
ideal for the scanning and measuring of complex free-form surfaces, soft objects, easily wore moulds, samples. It is mainly applied in product
R&D (for example, 3D measuring, 3D digitizing mould file, CAD design, CNC wood router machining, rapid prototyping), reverse engineering and 3D
inspection (CAV, CAE analysis, etc.). In one word, it is the necessary device for product development and quality inspection.
Technical Features
Non-contact measuring
Performing the scanning in a non-contact optical way, high stability, wide application, ideal for the scanning and measuring of
complex free form surfaces, soft objects, easily worn moulds, samples.
High Efficiency
Single scanning speed can be less than 5 seconds; the 3d data of object can be obtained quickly.
High Accuracy
Measuring precision is tested according to European optical scanners testing standard: VDI/VDE 2634 and single scanning
accuracy can reach as high as 0.007mm.
High Resolution
Highly dense point could is captured fast during scanning; the 3 data of delicate parts can be obtained quickly.
Automatic Registration
The scanned objects can be turned and moved during the scanning process, the smart software can perform auto-registration to
get a 360 3D data, short alignment time, high precision.
No special requirement for the light environment
The scanner doesn’ t need special requirement for the light condition.
Portable Design
Small size, portable, especially suitable for scanning huge or heavy objects.
Easy to understand, convenient to operate.
High Compatibility
The data can be exported as ASC, STL etc, compatible with other software such as Rapidform, Imageware, Geomagic, UG, Pro/e,
Catia etc.
When you process large size or complicated workpiece, 3D scanner on cnc wood router is a nice option for you.