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06-05-2012, 11:12 AM
We have a SKT-700L running on fanuc 21-i controls. I wanted to see if we could speed up the rapid travel speed when using jog. Even if I put the rapid travel at 100%, the turret moves too slow. When we use the G00 code on the program the turret moves much faster. I know there is a way to alter the ipm's in the parameters, but I wanted to know if anyone knows the actual procedures to do so.

06-05-2012, 11:56 AM
With door open or door closed?

06-05-2012, 03:06 PM
The doors are open most of the time, but we tricked the sensors into thinking that the doors are always closed.

07-20-2012, 04:34 AM
i don´t have any PMC of this machine but this is PC Parameter protected...i gess.

as when you want to check it by yourself, you should try 25%/50% and 100% override
it will be the same speed.
and also i think your machine is just running with 25% as i checkt it on my machine and with some DData i could switch between 25% and 50% and turn on also 100%on, but this is really fast so i wouldn´t reccomend it but if you like i can try to get the PMC and tell you which d data should be activated.

PS set D 3.7 and you will see when you click on 25%/50% rapid it will be much faster as it disable the 25% but activate the 50% ( i think this would be enough..... if you think 25% is too slow)

1 : 50%
0 : 25% (*)

08-21-2012, 11:02 AM
Turning on D3.7 worked like a charm. I went ahead and turned on D3.4 as well. That one increased the manual rapid when its at 100%. Thanks for the help!