View Full Version : PSU info help (hope this is right area)

05-26-2012, 10:14 PM
Hi, I am one of those budget guys that decided to go out and buy one of the TB6560 4 axis board kits on ebay..but don't mourn for me yet! lol
I am in the middle of setting it up and was recently checking the power output from the PSU, and while it's *supposed* to be a 24 volt PSU, after wiring the AC into it (checked the colors to be double sure) I am only getting 5.87 volts...

Now, I tried turning the output pot next to the light on the PSU, and no matter where I turn it - I'm STILL only getting 5.87volts..

Side switch is properly set to 115V ac, input checked at the wires is 111.8 VAC.

Does it have to be at load in order to push the 24 volts, or am I somehow doing something wrong? (If I am, I don't need to own one of these things..it's only 3 bloody wires..)
BTW, I am a COMPLETE newbie to setting anything like this up..

I've had the electronics kit for a while, but finally was able to buy a Zen Toolworks machine, so now I wanna get it turning.

Thanks in advance for any help!