View Full Version : Newbie NEED HELP WITH ESPRIT 2012

05-22-2012, 08:55 AM
Good Morning,

I'll begin by telling you that I am 110% unfamilar with almost any CAM software... I am a recent apprentice graduate and I took a programming job about three months ago. I have done quite a bit of programming Vertical Machining Centers but it was all EIA/ISO programming done by hand. I have a fully liscened copy of Esprit 2012 with mill, lathe, mill-turn, and edm packages but i don't have the faintest slight as to what to do with it.... that being said here is my problem...

...my predecessors all used esprit to generate extremely large volumes of programming, and from what i can tell all of their G54 (or 55, 56 ect ) information was not taken from a physical medium. It apprears to be a point out in space somewhere. I am not sure why someone would ever do this but I figure that this point can be retaught using esprit and then the program regenerated. I have all of the solid models and can import them from Solid Works, but how do i generate the program once the model is complete.? is this even a reasonable question? HELP PLEASE!?!?!? (wedge)

05-22-2012, 11:38 AM
Esprit is very easy to use I taught myself in a week,just jump in.
Stick with solid mill traditional to start this is all 2d make features
out of geometry. Select the feature first then the countour or whatever.
for 3d use solidmill mold you'll have to make a freeform feature for that