View Full Version : 6 Tips for Cutting Aluminium by China CNC Router

05-17-2012, 12:02 AM
OMNI often receive the inquiry about China cnc router (http://www.omni-cnc.com) cut aluminium, and many of them used to cut wood, plastic, foam etc. We replied yes, but people may need more details about it.
There are some tips you may should notice before you start working on aluminium.
Aluminium or other metal is with less lower feed speed than wood or plastic. And the rpm for spindle also should be slower.

See following more details you should know about China cnc router cut aluminium.
1. Be patient
Considering Aluminium is harder than wood and plstic, after you work on aluninium, you better use lower rpm and feeding speed. So it will take longer time to finish the work. So you need be patient.
2. Use the China cnc router bits special for aluminium work.
For getting find cutting result, suggest you use china cnc router bits special for aluminium work. This bits is with carbide coated. This bits is rather strong enough for such hard work.
3. Use smaller diameter cutters
Smaller diameter China cnc router bits could make more force on the material according to force thory.

4. Watch cut depths and slotting–they make it harder to clear chips
The deeper you cut and the closer to a slot the cutter travels in, the harder it is to clear the chips out of the bottom of the hole. Make more passes to cut down to required depth and to open up the shallower depths for better access.
5. Use mist sprayer to cool down the China CNC router bits and sourrouding area temrature
Offering mist sprayer to China cnc router bits and its sourrouding air to cool down temprature, this could last the bits life time.
6. Don’t slow down the feedrate too much!
If you go too slow on your feedrate, you run the risk of making your tool rub rather than cutting.

Machining aluminum with China CNC Router requires strong cnc router capability. Suggest you use superior quality spare parts on the China cnc router for some key parts, such as spindle, transmission part etc.