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05-16-2012, 02:18 AM
Solution For Dust Collection While Processing Wood By CNC Wood Router
Before you purchase cnc wood router for wood cutting, you may think of how to handle wood powder in the processing. Since wood powder will affect working enviroment and operator health if do not collect it in time. And also it will affect cnc wood router (http://www.omni-cnc.com) machine working perofmance since the powder will get into the linear guide, rack and pinion, even the spindle, motor, control cabinet etc, not only difficult to clean, but also affect the tempratuere releasing.
OMNI offer dust collecting system on cnc wood router for solving this problem. This system includes 3kw or 5.5kw motor, 2 pieces of cloth bag for packing powder, 2 pices of plastic pipe for transportating powder from table to cloth bag. And also one piece of linear support for holding pipe, and the dust collector hood, which is installed on the spindle area.
This dust collecting system on cnc wood router could solve the wood powder problem efficiently, not only wood powder, also acrylic, plastic powder can be collected.
The voltage for dust collecting system can be 220V and 380V.
Any question about cnc wood router, kindly let us know.

05-16-2012, 02:20 AM
Laser technology is more and more popular in school, university and other education units. Students use laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine to cut wood, the wood pieces after cutted could for all kinds of wooden mold, such as robot, constructure mold etc. Laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine's advantage are fast speed, easy operation and safety.
We get feedback from teachers that students are interested in laser technology very much and enjoying study it.
Advantages of laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine (http://www.omni-cnc.com) for using at school.
Whatever operator's skill level, there always with not bad result. This could encourage those students with less capability on the operation. And students with higher skills could make out much excellent work.
Fast: Laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine is rather fast than saw etc traditional device.
Easy: Any age and any operation level students coudl operate it.
Saving Material: Laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine save material because its software could count the material size and find the right position of starting work.
Creativity: We all say that your design is only limited by your imagination. CNC laser encourage students to design any shape or any imagine they want.
Reducing mistake ratio: Before you starting working on laser, you can see the laser beaming working path on the PC, reducing the mistake in some degree.
Safety: Comparing other mechanical machines, laser machine is more safe. OMNI's laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine is with safety sensor on the laser machine cover. In the process of laser working, if you open the laser machine cover, then the laser machine can sense it and stop the work at once. This is for ensuring operator from laser hurt.
Software accetable: Laser machine software support jpg, plt, dxf, bmp file, very easy to transfer and input for realizing the work.