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05-14-2012, 03:48 AM
Hand carving VS China CNC Router (http://www.omni-cnc.com) Carving
Now, people all belive that the superior products are made by hand, these stuff also be given high value. Such as Rolls-Royce car, Cartier jewelry, famous painting etc. They are showing produts unique and scarcity. And these are the stuff pursuited by the first class.
This indicates that hand carving products are unreplacable. Products produced by China cnc router machine are the same, whil e hand carving stuff is with its own features, and this is the the value for hand carving. Till now, there are still some work that machine can not do, only can make by hand.
We alll say that the hand carving stuff is with the producer's soul on it.
Well, China cnc router changes the traditional engraving way, saving processing time, suitable for mass production. Comparing with hand carving, it is with less cost and high efficiency.
It is the trend that combining hand carving and machine carving.
Current technology bring us almst everything, this more indicates that hand carving is valuable. This features decides that it will be replaced at anytime. Well, with the machine carving technology developing, it shows its advantage on the production. Such as it is with higher accuracy, and rather fast working speed.
It can save the cost for one manufacturer. If combined these two working way, then product value is also increasing, and at the mean time, also could saving managing cost. So China cnc router is popular.