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05-09-2012, 11:15 PM
Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine (http://www.omni-cnc.com) Make Toy Mold
OMNI Laser Cutting Machine is suitable for cutting acrylic, such as the acrylic show shelf, sign board, illuminated advertising, toy mold etc. The cutting impact is decided by acrylic material, laser cutting machine performance and output power.
When you cut acrylic, the output power is decided by acrylic thickness and production efficiency requirement. The more output power is, the faster cutting speed will be.
Comparing traditional cutting procedure, laser cutting machine is with the following advantages:
1. High cutting speed
2. Flexible. It can cut any shape or size you require, what you need to do is only design it on the computer.
3. No-touching working process. In whole processing, the laser machine head will not touch the acrylic, this ensure no scratch or outforce to acrylic.
4. No need poslishing again,saving your time and cost.
5. Easy operation. You make the design, output the command to laser machine control panel. Then laser cutting machine do as your requirement.
6. With high efficiency whatever you make small production or mass production.
Please contact us if you would like to see we making the acrylic sample by laser cutting machine as your requiremnt.

05-09-2012, 11:17 PM
CNC Wood Router (http://www.omni-cnc.com) Sign Application
With more and more city public facilities construction, street facelift, morden residence region, hotel, restrant etc, there is a great demand for international standard sign and guide, and sign board, logo etc is a main part. With this reason, cnc wood router is rather widedly used in advertising company.
OMNI cnc technology co.,ltd is working on sign, wood, panel processing industry, offering solutions for customer in these industries. Now OMNI is the leading manufacturer of cnc wood router, laser cutting machine, cnc plasma cutter in China, and products enjoy high reputation in selling market.