View Full Version : Versa Laser Calibration

Martin Ripley
04-26-2012, 05:38 AM
Thanks for the welcome.

I am Martin, 54, living in the UK, just taken on the role of Design Technology Technician at a Secondary School.

I have an Electrical Engineering background, worked for 30 years with a Postal Authority on machine testing, evaluation and commissioning.

CD/CAM is new to me and I find myself with a Versa Laser 3.5 which I am getting to grips with by setting up a database of what setting to use for what materials.

One thing I found in a box, never used, is the Calibration procedure process and gauge.

Under what circumstances might one need to use this?

What indicators are there that calibration is necessary?

Might it be per hours run, or through other indicators?

Lots of questions to follow, I am sure!


Martin Ripley