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04-24-2012, 04:12 AM
Why US? ---About OMNI Laser Engraving&Cutting Machine (http://www.omni-cnc.com) Series For Non-Metal Material Processing

When you come to OMNI for laser engraving machine or laser cutting machine, strongly suggest you to read this article carefully, then decide if use OMNI product.
As one importer in Italy asked us, "why I should choose you as the vendor of laser machine since almost your laser machine seems similar as others in China?" Why I should buy laser machine from OMNI? You may also ask the same question. Let us find answers together:
Superior quality spare parts
All spare parts whatever big or small, including laser tube, lens, mirror, control system, power supply, ball screw, linear guide, stamping parts and electrical fitting, are with superior quality. We choose high quality spare parts manufacturer and top agent for some imported spare parts. This ensure us to control quality from the supplier resource. Mirror and lens such important part for laser machine, are with top quality and made in USA. The tape and tape support, motor support are with fine quality. Linear guide is with Taiwan famours brand.

More details, see following features.
Configure high power and quality laser tube, can work over 3000 hours. The laser tube brand is the top quality in China.
U flash Disk Supported: Read files directly from U-flash disk, you can work even without PC! Intuitive Control Panel: Speed, power, and more controls directly from the laser.

Red Dot Pointer: Provides a visible means of determing engraving location.

Air Assist: Remove heat and combustible gases from the cutting surface.
Raster/Vector Color Mapping: Change your engraving speeds and power by using color settings.
with function of restoring from poweroff, continuation function from break point.  
Transmit files directly from Corel draw and Auto CAD, Photoshop, Tajima directly.
Motorized up and down working table makes thicker material engraving and cutting more easy.

The front doors and side pass through doors open to allow large pieces of work to be put into the machine.
The Z axis can be lowered to accommodate objects as large as 24" high and can accommodate our optional rotary engraver. The ballscrew and motors in the following photo support working table moving.

Double working table offered, suitable for engraving and cutting job. When you purchase laser cutting machine, you can choose flat table combined T blade table or honeycomb combined T slot table.

Protective switch for open door. This switch could protect operator from laser damage. When you open the laser machine door, this switch can sense it and could let laser machine stop working without damage.

Strict quality management system
QA and QC department is with the strict quality confirm rules about the spare parts, only after the confirm, then could get into warehouse for stock. From production start, QMS is with the strict operation instruction and audit plan for every production step. And this ensures OMNI supply superior quality even we use the same spare parts. This is the second important element that you should choose us.

Qualified sales team and considerable after sales service
OMNI sales team is a vigorous team, well trained and OMNI value every client. OMNI offers one year guarantee for machine and also offer guarantee extending service. OMNI respond clients for any question in 24 hours.