View Full Version : M56,M57,M58 Functions in DMU60T+Millplus IT v510

04-18-2012, 01:25 AM

I did a project on machining a simple shaped impeller on DMU60T 5 axis of our university. it worked pretty well but I was forced to work in the limited M56 range which is the default one (B-35 ~ B0, X-30mm ~ X600mm )

I used solidcam for outputting the g-code after customizing the post processor. now I tried to customize the post processor further to output the relevant M5x code according to B axis position and it worked on the code but on first trial on the machine every time it’s switching between M56 and M58 all axes retracts to the maximum then the controller gives the (Z31) error for reaching the limit.

N1207 M58
N1240 X1.0742 Y-0.0775 Z-0.789 C175.872 B-37.2422
N1241 X1.107 Y-0.0755 Z-0.8131 C176.101 B-35.717
N1242 X1.1518 Y-0.0722 Z-0.8439 C176.415 B-33.6849
N1243 X1.1976 Y-0.0685 Z-0.8731 C176.724 B-31.6567
N1244 X1.2442 Y-0.0649 Z-0.9005 C177.015 B-29.6316
N1245 X1.2918 Y-0.0614 Z-0.9264 C177.277 B-27.6042
N1246 X1.328 Y-0.0593 Z-0.9446 C177.445 B-26.087
N1247 M56 (it gave the error here after retracting)
N1248 X1.3656 Y-0.0576 Z-0.9624 C177.587 B-24.5274
N1249 X1.4042 Y-0.0565 Z-0.9793 C177.694 B-22.9491

I didn’t have the time to look into it further so I thought I might get some advice of anyone who’s more familiar with this machine and controller or has a professional post processor for it.

I need to know :
-Can we output M56 and M58 in one toolpath? If yes is there a way to avoid the automatic retract when switching?
- if no how do you usually get a simple tool path which goes from B0 to B-90 without using M57?
- any other ways to work around the limits?

M56: B-35 ~ B0, X-30mm ~ X600mm
M57: B12 ~ B-91, X64.9mm ~X425.1mm (Tiny work envelope)
M58: B-15 ~ B-91, X-180.1mm ~ X425.1mm