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04-11-2012, 12:47 PM
NCPlot version 2.23 is now available for download!

Go to NCPlot.com - Tools for CNC Programmers (http://www.ncplot.com) to download this update.

NCPlot v2.23 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
Fixed a problem with rotary axis plotting that was introduced in v2.22

G66 modal macro call was not working with G02 or G03 blocks, this is fixed.

There was a bug that allowed the viewport refresh while macro stepping was active. Doing this caused an error message when trying to continue with the macro stepping. Now when macro stepping is in progress and a viewport refresh is requested you will be prompted to confirm the cancellation of macro stepping.

Fixed a bug in the zoom extents tool on the lathe front turret view.

Improved the calculation accuracy for some geometry routines.

NCPlot would crash when attempting to load a binary DXF file. This file format is not supported and a message will now be displayed when attempting to load this type of file.

Fixed a bug in the 'Modal values to display' setting on the machine configuration. If a "G" was included with no value following it, an error occurred.

Fixed a bug in the Break Arcs into lines tool. When breaking a helical arc command that did not include a Y axis endpoint the tool would incorrectly insert two "X" values.

The print black and white setting now works for the print program tool.

New Features
Updated the find/replace tool to allow doing a find/replace within a selected region of the program.

Tool list enhancements

Remembers the visible state of the tools when refreshing the plot if the tool list does not change.
Added menu item 'Show Only This Tool' which hides all but the tool that was clicked.
Added menu item 'Select This Tool' which selects the region of the program for the tool that was clicked.
Added menu item 'Highlight This Tool' selects all the entities on the viewport for the tool that was clicked.

The keyboard shortcuts can now be exported and imported via the 'Setup' menus 'Export Settings' and 'Import Settings'

The viewport print preview now allows the preview image to be saved as a bitmap file.

Added two new scripting functions:

NCPMsgWindow Message, Time
"Message" is a string to be displayed in a pop up message window.
"Time" is an optional value in seconds to display the window.

When a message window is displayed without a timeout value, this function will close the window. A new message may be displayed without first closing the previous message. The message will close when the script execution ends.

Viewport set as reference will now use only the visible viewport entities.

The viewport rotation icon now draws on top of the backplot, keeping it visible.

The break arcs tool now give a default value when prompting for the 'Maximum Path Deviation Distance'.

The print program and print viewport tool will now remember the orientation and print black and white settings between uses. These settings are remembered separately for program and viewport printing.

Changed the data entry for the work offsets and extended work offsets on the machine configuration so that pressing 'Enter' is not required.

Added a setting to the license manager settings, you can now specify the hostname where the license manager is located.

The scripting engine is now re-initialized before a script is executed. This will clear all previous variable declarations.

The "Remove Redundant Endpoints" tool will now reset when an M02, M30, M99 or M06 is encountered.

04-15-2012, 08:10 AM
Thanks Scott

05-02-2012, 08:46 PM
Thanks Scott.

I use NC Plot everyday for both Mills and Lathes:banana:

05-03-2012, 09:00 AM
My editor of choice.
I always use for final check of CAM produced code before running it on a machine -- in Mach3