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04-04-2012, 12:41 PM
Hi Scott, I've been using NCplot for years now and I'm quite happy with the improvements. I've downloaded V2.23 Beta and have a couple issues. The file compare function seems to loose its place if there is a significant deviation between programs and isn't very friendly when editing in the compare window. Currently file compare is the only time I fire up cimco so I would love to see NCplots compare function work as good as cimco's so I can throw it out completely.

My other issue is the axis arrows orientation in the isometric view port window. When configured for a horizontal machine the Z or X axis are reversed sometimes. It's a bit bizarre but if I roll it around a bit and refresh the plot I can get it to display correctly. I never worried about it before but I though I would mention it to get your feedback. The older versions did the same thing.

One other thing is the macro translator. My old macros I made show the comments now in the gcode conversion and N blocks show in the program as well.

Great product Scott, thanks for it


04-04-2012, 01:23 PM
Hi Mike,

Do you get the "Could not resync" message when this happens? You shouldn't be able to edit in the compare window... editing is done in the main UI window then you re-load the file into the comparison window. Is this what you are referring to?

Yes, the axis orientation arrows look funny if you get the view rolled around so that you are looking it from below the zero plane. I could add a button or some other method to reset the isometric view orientation.

The macro translator has been updated a few times and I ended up leaving in the comments and block numbers just because its easy to remove them after the fact and I thought some folks would want them.


04-04-2012, 02:53 PM
Yes I get the "Could not resync" message. I know it's probably asking allot but I have allot of programs that are variations of each other, added or subtracted features. It's nice to be able to compare these after I make a change in one of them so that I can make the same change in all of them. For example when a new tool comes out, I trail it and if it works I want to implement it across all those programs that are just variations of each other. Cimco's file compare allows editing in the compare window and even allows a button click "make the same as" type function. Really long programs with allot of tools can be hard to manage as far as tracking where the difference is, going back to that spot in the main window then going back to the compare window. The other thing I'm looking for is the ability to track operator changes versus changes I've made. I will all too often have operators change feeds speeds etc. for the wrong reasons. I need to be able to easily check for changes of that sort and correct then if it happens. This is one of the places that the ability to use somewhat dissimilar programs in the compare window comes in handy. My best point of reference may be a program that is a variation of the one I'm checking. We run part families that share most features and those common features should be the same across all the programs. I gets hard to manage.

One other thing is again with the macro translator. Zero values such as X0. Y0. Z0. are outputting as X0 Y0 Z0 While it works in my machines I'm in the habit of always entering a decimal place even on zero values.