View Full Version : NCPlot v2 beta 16 now available

11-15-2005, 09:24 PM

New for Beta 16:

The DXF importer now supports Lathe. Drawings are translated from the XY plane to the ZX plane when imported.

The canned cycles have been updated to properly handle G91.

Added a Block Skip toggle to the status bar. Just click the status bar panel to toggle the block skip on and off. When on, this causes NCPlot to ignore blocks that begin with the block skip character "/".

The selected entity info window will now remember its size and location between sessions.

You can now convert selected viewport objects directly to G-Code. Just select objects on the viewport and then go to Tools | Convert Selected to G-Code. Any connected objects are automatically chained together and then inserted into the edit window as G-Code. This tool is useful for converting objects created with the Calc tools.

Added the Measure tool to the Calc menu. This tool reports the X, Y, Z and total distance between the endpoints of the two selected objects.

Fixed a bug in the backplotter that happens when canceling a long program plot. The plot was not being cancelled and an error occurred the next time the viewport was refreshed.

Added a program separate tool to the File Menu. This tool allows you to save all programs contained in the current file as separate files. You are prompted to select a folder to save to and the programs are all saved with their program numbers as the file name.

Fixed a bug that was causing the wrong blocks to be highlighted in programs that used M98 or G65 subprogram calls.

Macro Stepping:

The variable display window now serves as the macro debug window. This window now contains controls for stepping through macro programs while updating the variable display.

This window now also displays the active subprogram so you can follow the execution even outside the program you're editing.

M98 subprogram calls now maintain the current local variables.

Assigning a value to system variable #3000 now displays the actual message and not just the error number.

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