View Full Version : StickFont v2.00 released

02-17-2012, 11:42 AM
StickFont version 2.00 has been released!

Please visit NCPlot.com - Tools for CNC Programmers (http://www.ncplot.com) for more info and to download a fully functional trial.

StickFont v2 is a an application that converts text to G-Code for machining. Add and edit text with features like text on an angle and text around a radius. Easily create multiple lines of text using grid snaps and justification options. Here are some of the program features:

Graphics preview lets you see exactly what the finished text will look like.
Each line of text can be any of the available fonts.
Text can be rotated to any angle
Text can be wrapped on an arc in either direction
Justification setting allows text to be left, center or right justified.
Grid snaps make it easy to align multiple lines of text.
Unlimited Undo/Redo
Mirror setting allows text to be mirrored in either the X or Y direction
In addition to G-Code output the text can also be saved to a DXF file.
Print the preview graphics.
The included True Type font conversion tool allows you to mix and match with single stroke fonts.