View Full Version : Deckel Dialog Tool Changer Pendant wiring Diagram

02-10-2012, 01:52 AM
I just picked up a Deckel FP42NC and a Deckel FP41A L style machines both with dialog 3 controls. The controls boot and the PC units are working correctly on both units but I cant get into mode 1 on the rotary switch to start the drives. I believe the problem is that I do not have a tool change pendant.

I did not get the tool changer pendants with them. I also do not have wiring information for anything other than the servo amps. Does anyone have the pin outs of the pendant connector under the X axis motor? There are two mil connectors under there, Im not certain which is the pendant connector or what the other connector is for. I cant even locate any photos of the pendants online. Anyone out there have one of these beasts?