View Full Version : NCPlot v2 beta 15 now available

11-08-2005, 09:11 PM
download it at www.ncplot.com

New for Beta 15

Added Address replace tool. This tool allows exchanging one address letter for another. This is useful for changing axis names, like Z to W etc.

Added address remove tool. Useful for removing unneeded address letters from a program. This, like the address replace tool, does not affect comments or macro keywords.

Added control option to allow modal IJK values. This option can be enabled when the absolute arc centers option is also enabled.

New VBScript functions:


These functions have been added to the scripting manual as well.

The file open dialog now has an option for opening DXF files. Just select DXF files with the Files of Type drop down list.

Added an option to the Preference dialog that will allow NCPlot to open multiple instances. When enabled, you can have more than one copy of NCPlot running at the same time.

Many Improvements to the DXF importer:

Fixed bug with Arc objects not being imported correctly. This did not affect arcs created by Polyline objects.

Fixed a problem with drawings that contain a Default layer. This was only affecting Polyline objects, and seemed to cause some feed moves where there should have been rapid moves.

The drawing is loaded and displayed while the conversion dialog is open.

Added a button that will join the geometry wherever possible. This tool finds geometry that is connected and creates a continuous profile. This ensures that the profile will be output as a single sequence of moves, rather that broken up with Z moves in between. A Max Join Distance setting has been added that affects how close two endpoints have to be in order to be considered joined.

You can now control the cutting direction. After a layer has been chained together, you can select objects on the viewport and click a button to reverse it’s direction. This reverses the entire chain of objects so you can easily reverse the direction of an entire profile.

There is much greater control over the order that objects are converted to G-Code. You can convert a drawing by simply picking objects on the viewport and clicking a button.