View Full Version : RFQ: 5/8" x .455" clear plastic rods, perfect for CNC lathe

01-07-2012, 02:31 PM

Was going to do these myself by rough-cutting 5/8" rod on the bandsaw then cleaning them up in my Taig lathe, but I figured someone using a solid CNC lathe with a good parting tool and bar feeder could knock them out in 1/50 the time..

I need 132 clear plastic (Acrylic or Polycarb) discs, 5/8" diameter x .455" length. Length must be +0" / -.01", these are spacers for push-buttons and too long = button is pressed permanently, too short = sloppy button. Diameter can be .610"-.650" so standard 5/8" rod is good, if turning down a thicker rod I'd prefer closer to .650" diameter. (I was going to use McMaster-Carr P/N 8531K19 6' extruded Acrylic rod ) I need a minimum of 121 of them (11 sets of 11 buttons), so if buying material just get however many you can out of 6' rather than having to buy a 2nd 6' rod for a couple pieces. Surface finish isn't that important, as long as its fairly smooth so the length measures good consistently.

Anyone have a quote? Shipping would be to 01760, MA. As for time, 1-2 weeks?

Thanks!! :)

(Email might be best as my PM box fills up quick - riceburner98@gmail.com)

01-10-2012, 07:44 AM
Thanks for the quotes guys! I'll try and respond to all the emails.. I got quite a range of prices, from $0.55 each to around $2.50 each.. I'm guessing the differences are due to $ / hr machine time, programming, and availability of "idle" machines / operators?

Naturally I went with the cheapest, as I apparently completely undervalue my time and sell the end product at barely a profit as it is.. It would probably still sell at 2x the price and I'd actually make a couple bucks, but then I feel like I'm overcharging.. Guess that's why I'll never run a business!

Thanks again for your time guys, just wish I could give everyone some work..

- Bob